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CAL LAW APC is one of the select law firms in California addressing misleading advertisements in retail stores. The firm can address violations either on an individual consumer level and in consumer class actions in California. Our accomplished lawyers have a track record of success in numerous cases against major retailers involving false advertising and unfair business practice.

Based in Sacramento and with an office in Los Angeles, the firm represent consumers, shoppers, customers, who have been misled by false or misleading advertisement.

Even when the difference between the advertised expected sale price and the actual price paid at the register is the small dollar amount, California’s Consumer Legal Remedies Act provides for recovery of monetary loss and attorney’s fees which can enable individual consumers to recover significant damages in a lawsuit.

If you were the victim of false advertising or unfair business practice, you are likely not alone. Perhaps hundreds or even thousands of people like you have been tricked in small amounts by false sale signage. You have the power to vindicate your rights by hiring our firm to file a lawsuit on your behalf and all consumers in California will benefit from your efforts. To discuss a pending consumer protection class action or a potential new lawsuit, call us at 916-538-0225 or send an email. Consultations are free and you do not pay anything upfront.

False Sales Sign

Many retailers take advantage of consumers emotional behaviors by displaying large sale signs on their store fronts. The signs can be significant like 40% or even 50% off sale. However, once inside the store, consumers believing that merchandise they select ends up being not on sale at all. Most consumers end up paying for the item at full price that they did not intend to purchase; or worse, discover the items were full price only after leaving the store. This type of misleading sale signage may be illegal under the California Consumer Legal Remedies Act (CLRA)
Whether the storefront sign is misleading in violation of the CLRA is based on several factors based on a reasonable consumer. Most retailers have language in smaller letters that clarify what items are on sale, or that the sale does not apply to all items, or some other type of clarifying language that the advertised sale it is “up to” 40% off. Whether there is a viable legal case depends on facts like, (1) whether the limiting language was clear enough to a reasonable consumer; (2), size and font appearance of the clarifying language; (3) whether inside the store, there are further sale signage which serve to notify and clarify to the shopper what is on sale and what the sale discount is for specific merchandise; (4) at the register, was it made clear to the consumer the items was ringing up at full price and not at the advertised sale price.

Bait and Switch by Misleading Signage

Another trick that some retailers employ, is placing sale signage on or near a rack or shelf of merchandise that is not on sale. By mixing merchandise on a rack under a sale sign, the merchant may have violated the California Consumer Legal Remedies Act.
Another Bait and Switch tactic occurs when a retailer displays merchandise that is not actually the merchandise that is delivered to the customer when the decision to purchase is made. For example, if a retailer displays an accessory together with the merchandise. The consumer inquires about the price, and then makes the decision to purchase the item believing the accessory is included as show in the display.

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